le café agnès b. coffee bean
A blend of Ethiopian coffee beans from the Sidamo region, a strictly high grown grade Guatemalan coffee with a touch of wet hulled Sumatran coffee.
Designed for its complexity and sweetness, the coffee blend is nutty with a mild cocoa finish, fruity acidity and floral notes.
Being socially responsible and eco-friendly, “le café agnès b.” is Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and Organic certified, guaranteeing a sustainable price for growers, sustainable cultivation and sustainable livelihoods.
Cakes & Gift
Treats for your loved ones!

Private Event
agnès b. CAFÉ @ Gough Street
Decorated with tiled floor, a florist shop next to the seating area, the agnès b. CAFÉ on Gough Street is a perfect venue for a very French private party!
  • up to 30 indoor seated & 6 outdoor patio seated
  • 50 standing

Venue Size: 1600 square ft.